Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspirational Tuesday

Inspirational Tuesday

Oh this dress.. It's magic. Classic yet modern, sophisticated yet playful. One of my best girlfriends is getting married in August and this will be my inspiration.

I am loving the illustrations by Julia Swaney. So soft and beautiful, but perspective and expression that makes them so unique.

What is inspiring you this week?

<3 Callie Lee

Friday, March 29, 2013


Sometimes in life you think things are finally starting to come together how you want them to..and then you get smacked upside the head by fate! 

Those times happen to us all. I think part of the journey of becoming an independent, healthy adult is learning how to cope through those tough times. Nurturing myself- mind, body, and spirit, is something I am learning to do on a daily basis. 

My best friend, Walker, told me a few weeks ago "You need to nest!!!" And she was so right. Being a student and working full time to make the ends meet is TOUGH financially. But I am investing in some major things to make my little room my own nest. To rest, to relax, and to comfort myself. 

I adore this bedding from Anthropologie. 

I bought a ton of succulents and made my own terrarium. I haven't been able to find any amazing purple ones like these though! Any suggestions on where to get them?

There's no such thing as too many twinkle lights. Sigh. 

Two of the new art prints I ordered from Society 6. 

What are your favorite things in your nest?

<3 Callie Lee

Monday, February 18, 2013

City Girl

Here are a few of the shots from a portfolio shoot for my amazing hair stylist, Brian Jensen of Sexy Hair. He worked on NYC and LA Fashion week the past year and we had a great time! I can't wait to collaborate with him again.

<3 Callie Lee

Monday, January 7, 2013

To Go or Not To Go

That is the question.

I have long dreamed of escape from this place. A new start. New faces. New surroundings. And I've been hearing that sweet song of the South, Savannah. Ga has been calling my name for years now.

I see myself wandering beneath the Spanish Moss covered trees, exploring ruins of the Civil War, reading new books, taking photos.

So..Do I go? Do I pack up my car and leave with a few hundreds bucks in my pocket? Do I try to make new friends? Explore? Or will I be too alone? Will the all-too crushing burden of loneliness ruin me?

<3 Callie Lee

Sunday, January 6, 2013


AM Ramblings 

I'm up before work earlier than usual for me. It's nice having an hour before going in to listen to music, drink coffee at my own pace- instead of inhaling it with a straw, and fool around on the internet. 

I had a pretty terrible night over the weekend where things just didn't go right and you end up just feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. I'm thankful that it is Sunday and a start to a new week. I'm going to be kind to myself and cuddle up with books, currently in the middle of Beautiful Creatures, cups of tea, and cozy sweaters on my down time for the rest of the month.

I found this photo on my camera yesterday and thought it was pretty perfect SOOC. I love the purple tones and the haziness of the image. 

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

<3 Callie Lee

Friday, January 4, 2013

Virginia City Cemetery

I had the day off today and was so bored and restless I begged my friends to go on a photo adventure with me. We were planning on going to an abandoned warehouse that is covered in amazing graffiti..However we came a little close- okay like OH SHIT- close to flipping my car on the way up the snow covered off road path. (The experience made want to purchase HUGE tires and get a lift immediately.) 

So we meandered back onto safe paved roads and wound up at the Virginia City cemetery. 

For those of you that aren't from the area, Virginia City was a major mining boomtown in the 1800's. Mining was extremely perilous work in an already dangerous time. It is a fascinating place to visit if you ever get the chance. 

The girls are freezing their butts off.

 "Can we get in the car now Callie?"

 "No seriously dude. We are going to the car."

<3 Callie Lee